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Firetask Pro 4.1.1 for iOS Features Major Accessibility EnhancementsNovember 22, 2018

Firetask 4.1.1 focuses on improving accessibility and more specifically, VoiceOver support in all areas of the app:

  • Improved accessibility of navigation bar items
  • Sub-navigation is now consistently accessible via VoiceOver
  • Improved VoiceOver handling for task and navigation lists including custom rotor actions
  • More efficient VoiceOver support for detail view fields, especially for switch and notes fields
  • Improved VoiceOver navigation for date chooser
  • Made multi-column overviews (Kanban, Priorities, Date) accessible as good as currently possible
  • Provides now also VoiceOver support for our Apple Watch app

Firetask Pro 4.1 for iOS Now With Extended Support for ActionsSeptember 22, 2018

Firetask 4.1 provides major improvements to working with actions including:

  • Viewing actions is now possible directly inline in task lists
  • Renamed preference "Always show task details" toggles visibility of both notes and actions in task lists
  • The search function now also searches within action titles and shows actions also inline in search results

In addition, we improved the handling of long task titles in the task detail view via auto-shrinking text and more exact scrolling.

Firetask Pro 4.1 for Mac Now With Extended Support for ActionsSeptember 17, 2018

Firetask 4.1 for Mac provides major improvements to working with actions including:

  • Reordering of actions is now possible directly within a task list via drag & drop
  • Support for dragging actions between tasks
  • Dragging of actions from the actions detail view into other tasks within any task list
  • A new context menu on actions allows you to easily convert actions to tasks
  • Renamed menu item "Always show task details" now toggles visibility of both notes and actions in task lists
  • The search function now also searches within action titles and shows actions also inline in search results

In addition, we added some other practical smaller features such as, e.g., the possibility to add notes and actions via the task list context menu.

Firetask Pro Takes GTD® Task Management To New Levels for Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Apple WatchJuly 21, 2017

Elemental Tools released Firetask Pro, the next generation of Firetask, the leading project-oriented GTD® task management app for Mac, iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. The new app provides tons of new features based on end user feedback including project portfolios, actions for subdividing tasks, iCloud syncing, a new iOS Today widget, and Apple Watch support. Firetask Pro is available immediately from the iTunes and Mac App Store.

NOTE: Firetask Pro is a new, completely rewritten app based on Apple's latest technology providing tons of new features and requires OS X 10.12 Sierra and iOS 10 respectively. We will continue to provide support for Firetask 3 and our previous cloud syncing until end of this year; on December 31, 2017 our own cloud-syncing will be discontinued in order to focus on Firetask Pro and iCloud syncing.


Firetask for Mac 3.8 - Usability Improvements & In-Tray FilteringMay 5, 2016

Firetask 3.8 features many usability improvements — especially regarding inline editing. In addition, we added filtering capabilities for the “In-Tray”. The new update also contains a number of smaller bug fixes.

NOTE: Firetask 3.8 now requires OS X 10.10 (Yosemite) or newer.

Firetask for iPad 3.8 Adds Support for 12 inch iPad ProMay 1, 2016

Firetask 3.8 adds support for the 12 inch iPad Pro’s large display. In addition, we added filtering capabilities for the “In-Tray” tab. The update also contains a number of smaller bug fixes including a time zone issue when adding due tasks via the URL-based API.

Firetask for iPhone 5.8 Featuring 3D Touch Home Screen ShortcutMay 1, 2016

Firetask 5.8 adds 3D Touch support in the form of a new “Add Task” quick-action available from the home screen on the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus. In addition, we added filtering capabilities for the “In-Tray” tab. The update also contains a number of smaller bug fixes including a time zone issue when adding due tasks via the URL-based API.


Firetask for Mac 3.7.5 - Compatibility to Older OS X VersionsAug 6, 2015

Firetask 3.7.5 fixes a user interface compatibility issue on older Mac OS X versions (prior to 10.10 Yosemite).

Firetask for Mac 3.7.2 - Bug Fixes & ImprovementsJul 14, 2015

Firetask 3.7.2 fixes a few minor user interface issues and improves data migration from very old Firetask databases.

Firetask for Mac 3.7.1 - Bug Fix UpdateJun 29, 2015

Firetask 3.7.1 fixes two user interface issues regarding link and email address parsing in notes fields.


Firetask for Mac 3.7 Optimized for YosemiteNov 20, 2014

Firetask 3.7 is now optimized for Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite including a new, more modern look for the toolbar. In addition, the new version allows to unarchive completed and cancelled projects and improves searching by always issuing prefix-queries.

Firetask for Mac 3.6.3 Featuring Usability ImprovementsAug 8, 2014

Firetask 3.6.3 provides a number of usability improvements and bug fixes including a more lenient way of entering reminder times. The new version also prevents the background syncing process from overwriting currently inline-edited text in subject and notes fields.

Firetask for Mac 3.6 Requires Mac OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion) or newerMar 16, 2014

IMPORTANT: Starting with this version Firetask requires Mac OS X 10.8 (Lion) and a 64-bit Mac. Do not upgrade if you are still running Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) or Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion).

Firetask 3.6 fixes a problem with today/tomorrow visualization for due tasks that only occurred in certain time zones. The new update also includes a number of minor usability improvements.

UPDATE: Firetask 3.6.1 fixes a compatibility problem with Mac OS X Mountain Lion (10.8).

Firetask for iPhone 5.6/iPad 3.7 Introduce Editable Custom Repeats and Fleksy KeyboardMar 10, 2014

The new Firetask for iOS updates introduce the ability to create and edit custom repeats on the iPhone. The new updates also support the Fleksy keyboard for the first time and reenable TextExpander touch support.

Firetask for iPad 3.6 adds calendar viewJan 16, 2014

Firetask 3.6 brings our well-received calendar view from the Mac to the iPad for the first time. The new calendar view is very useful for both visualizing and scheduling upcoming due tasks. In addition, we have improved the overdue task visualization based on user feedback.


Firetask for Mac/iPad 3.5 and iPhone 5.5.5 introduce search in all tasksSep 24, 2013

The new version of Firetask represents a major update to our project-oriented GTD® task management app featuring a redesigned, more clear user interface. In addition, the new version also includes a number of great new features including:

  • Search across all tasks from the new "Find" tool
  • A new, often-requested project filter for the "Someday" view
  • An overall simplified user interface by combining all completed, cancelled, and trash views into a single new "Archive" tool

Please note that this update also includes an important syncing bug fix, therefore we highly recommend it for all Firetask users.

NOTE: We experimented with grayscale priorities in this release, but based on early user feedback we will re-introduce priority colors with the next update.

Fireask 3.1 improves user interface and overall usabilityJun 1, 2013

Fireask 3.1 improves the user interface and overall usability of our project-oriented task management app by adding a number of practical features including:

  • Clickable links and email addresses for project and task notes fields
  • Consistent handling of international date formats for due dates
  • Convert task to project now takes over due date
  • Visualization of status, priority, and category icons in detail popovers (iOS)
  • Larger detail popovers for less scrolling (iPad only)
  • Tapping outside of detail popovers now auto-cancels editing and closes the popover (iPad only)
  • Improved command parsing allows entering of email addresses in task subjects (Mac only)
  • Drag & drop indicators are now correctly visualized on Retina displays (Mac only)
  • More readable Firetask URLs by using "+"-encoding for spaces

Last, but not least: Many thanks to Firetask user Serge Thiriet for providing a French translation of our app!

Please note that dragging tasks is now only possible by clicking outside of editable text fields - this change was necessary in order to make links in notes fields clickable.

Firetask for Mac 3.0.5 provides bug fixes and improvementsFeb 20, 2013

Firetask 3.0.5 now also supports the delete key for deleting task list rows (not just backspace) and adds a "Repository" tab to the "Preferences..." dialog. In addition, a syncing problem related to checklists has been fixed and the general error handling for background syncing has been further improved.

Interesting for other developers: we extended the firetask://addTask URL with additional parameters for setting project, category, due date, and priority.

NOTE: Do not forget to also get the new iPad (3.0.5) and iPhone (5.4.5) versions!


Firetask for Mac 3.0 introduces silent/background syncingOct 19, 2012

Firetask 3.0 fully automates cloud syncing and moves all everyday syncing processes completely into the background. In addition, the new major version also provides a number of often requested new features:

  • Checklists: Reuse often needed tasks across projects
  • Priorities: Optionally view tasks by priority
  • Assigned: Group Waiting For tasks by assignee
  • Starred: Limit tasks to starred items only
  • Configurable global quick entry hot key
  • Customizable sidebar
  • More natural consecutive task entry for in-tray

Do not forget to also update Firetask on your iPhone and/or iPad for complete automatic background syncing!

NOTE: Due to sandboxing and compatibility requirements with our Mac App Store version we needed to standardize the location for the firetask.sql database file: it is now always located in Library/Application Support/Firetask within your home directory. Your database file will be automatically moved to the new standard location when you first launch Firetask 3.0.

Firetask for Mac is part of MacHeist 4 bundleOct 16, 2012

We are proud to announce that Firetask for Mac is part of the MacHeist 4 bundle. As always, 25% of all proceeds go to charity. Firetask is the first additional app to be unlocked when 25,000 bundles are sold, so go get the MacHeist 4 bundle...! :-)

Firetask for Mac 2.3.3 completes Retina MacBook Pro SupportAug 17, 2012

Firetask 2.3.3 now completely supports the new MacBook Pro's gorgeous Retina display - all images used in the app have been supplied with redesigned, high resolution versions. The new update is also signed with our Apple Developer ID in order to work well with Mountain Lion's "Gatekeeper".

Firetask for Mac 2.3.2 adds Retina MacBook Pro SupportJul 21, 2012

Firetask 2.3.1 fixes a number of drag & drop problems in the "Organize" and "Calendar" views that only occurred on Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard). The new update also adds Retina versions for most icons used in the app, thus making Firetask look much better on the new Retina MacBook Pro.

Firetask for Mac 2.3 updates Spanish translation and improves performanceApr 23, 2012

Firetask 2.3 updates our Spanish translation and improves the overall performance of the user interface. The update also fixes a number of issues including a problem with converting tasks to projects in category task lists as well as wrong badge numbers when dragging in Calendar and Organize views.

Firetask for iPad 2.2 adds support for Retina display and localizationsMar 29, 2012

Firetask 2.2 adds support for the gorgeous retina display of the new iPad. Firetask for iPhone 5.2/iPad 2.2 also add language support for Simplified Chinese, Portuguese, and Russian. Firetask for Mac 2.2 improves language support for Simplified Chinese, Portuguese, and Russian, the global hot-key was reimplemented to work also on French keyboards and the quick-entry panel design is now showing correctly on Mac OS X 10.7.3. All updates now always use SSL-based secure communication for cloud-syncing.

Firetask for Mac 2.1, iPad 2.1 and iPhone 5.1 optimize cloud-syncingMar 5, 2012

The new Firetask versions provide a number of performance optimizations for cloud-syncing and increase the request timeout for improved stability of initial uploads of large task databases. The update also fixes a number of smaller user interface issues.

Firetask for Mac 2.0, iPad 2.0 and iPhone 5.0January 24, 2012

Note: Please update all Firetask versions (Mac, iPad and iPhone) in order that new fields such as reminders are synced consistently across all devices!

Firetask for iPhone 5.0 and Firetask for iPad 2.0 got a minor user interface facelift and support the execution of custom repeat patterns, time-based reminders (via local notifications) and emailing of project and category task lists.

Firetask for Mac 2.0 is our biggest update so far that not only comes with a user interface facelift and various improvements to cloud-syncing, but also introduces a number of completely new features including:

  • Drag & drop enabled "Organize" view
  • Totally new filterable "Calendar" view
  • Searching in active task lists (press CMD+F)
  • Custom repeat patterns for scheduled tasks
  • Time-based reminders (requires Growl)
  • Emailing of project and category task lists
  • Completely redesigned graphical date chooser
  • Supports fullscreen mode on Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion)
  • Improved drag & drop due to double-click enabled inline-editing
  • More GTD-like tool navigation


Firetask for Mac 1.5, iPad 1.5 and iPhone 4.5 now feature cloud-syncingJuly 21, 2011

The new Firetask versions represent a major update that not only features a number of often-requested behavior changes, but also adds support for Mac OS X Lion and launches our public beta test for our new cloud-syncing feature. Simply upload your tasks into the cloud by using an existing MindMeister user account or create a new Firetask cloud account for free.

New features and behavior changes include:

  • Drag & Drop for projects, categories and tasks (Mac only)
  • "Waiting For" tasks are now shown in Today (due and flagged)
  • Deleted tasks go into "Trash" instead of getting permanently deleted
  • Completing or canceling a project also completes/cancels all open tasks
  • Completed and cancelled views show completed/cancelled date
  • Completed repeating tasks are recorded in completed views
  • Quick-delete feature for all completed and cancelled tasks as well as empty trash function
  • Badge number for "Someday" view (Mac & iPad)
  • Double-clicking on status indicator directly completes task
  • Simple task import via dragging lines of text into Firetask (Mac only)
  • Simple task export via dragging selected tasks out of Firetask (Mac only)
  • ENTER key can now be used for inserting newlines into notes in task list views (Mac only)

Note: Cloud-syncing is already pretty stable, but is officially still in public beta. Also update all your Firetask installations to the new versions to get the same, consistent behavior across all devices!

Firetask cloud-syncing beta test startedMay 16, 2011

We have delivered ad hoc distributions of Firetask for iPhone, iPad and Mac to our group of beta testers and started beta-testing our cloud-syncing infrastructure. Please note that this is a private/closed beta test and as we have run out of device ids we cannot sign on any additional beta testers at this time.

Ideabook integrates with Firetask for iPadMay 10, 2011

Ideawell HD is now called "Ideabook for iPad" and features a completely redesigned user interface that makes it much easier and faster to both enter new ideas and edit existing ones. The new major version also comes with a totally new feature called "idea spaces": idea spaces allow you to organize ideas in the form of post-its on a virtual idea board via drag & drop. In addition, Ideabook provides many more smaller improvements such as, e.g., inline editing of idea ratings, fast switching between topics, improved label placement for our well-received "Analyze" bubble chart, an application badge number showing the number of unrated ideas, and the ability to send ideas to Firetask's in-tray.

Firetask for iPhone 4.0, iPad 1.4 and Mac 1.4April 20, 2011

Firetask 1.4 adds a new feature called the "scratchboard" that allows you to quickly write down tasks that do not fit anywhere else. The main intention for adding the scratchboard was to provide a place where you can enter tasks that will be done anyway in a couple of minutes or hours and that will not need to go through the GTD® review process.

The Mac version now also features email task delegation, the ability to show notes also in the "Today" and "Categories" task lists and a more streamlined user interface (no more next/due icons in front of notes, smaller quick-entry panel).

Firetask for iPhone 3.7, iPad 1.2 and Mac 1.3.1March 5, 2011

Firetask for iPhone & iPad add support for TextExpander touch and provide more configuration and troubleshooting options when being synced with the new Mac version.

Firetask for iPad 1.1February 6, 2011

Firetask for iPad 1.1 adds configurable auto-syncing on startup (you can switch it on via the Settings app). In addition, new category icons have been introduced such as, e.g., cloud, car, app or TV. The new update also fixes a stability problem with inline status changes and a number of smaller issues that have been reported.

Important: The syncing protocol has been optimized and therefore, you will need to update Firetask for Mac, too, in order to reenable WiFi syncing.

Firetask for iPhone 3.6February 6, 2011

Firetask 3.6 adds configurable auto-syncing on startup (you can switch it on via the Settings app). In addition, new category icons have been introduced such as, e.g., cloud, car, app or TV. The new update also fixes a stability problem with inline status changes and a number of smaller issues that have been reported.

Important: Since the syncing protocol has been optimized, you will need to update Firetask for iPhone and iPad, too, in order to reenable WiFi syncing.

Firetask for Mac 1.3February 6, 2011

Firetask for Mac 1.3 features an optimized syncing protocol as well as a number of new category icons such as, e.g., cloud, car, app or TV. The new update also fixes smaller user interface and printing issues (task list titles) that have been reported recently.

Important: Since the syncing protocol has been optimized, you will need to update Firetask for iPhone and iPad, too, in order to reenable WiFi syncing.


Firetask for iPad 1.0December 19, 2010

Firetask for iPad builds on the iPhone version and adds elements from the Mac version in order to better utilize the iPad's amazing large touch screen. In addition, the iPad version provides a unique “Organize” view that helps you with your weekly GTD® review.

Firetask for iPhone 3.5December 18, 2010

Firetask 3.5 introduces local notifications for due tasks. In addition, the new version makes it much easier to enter new tasks: with a single tap you can open the "Add Task" view and can already start typing in the task's subject. We have also used a more intuitive in-progress status icon and category task lists now show all due tasks of a certain category - consistent to the latest Mac version of Firetask.

Firetask for Mac 1.2December 4, 2010

Firetask for Mac 1.2 adds a new HUD-style quick-entry panel that allows you to add more than one task without dismissing it. If assistive services are switched on this quick-entry panel is available systemwide via the CTRL+CMD+. hotkey. In addition, we have improved the overall handling of due dates and slightly streamlined the user interface.

Firetask for iPhone 3.2October 27, 2010

Firetask 3.2 introduces emailing of tasks: send tasks to other Firetask users directly via mail with the press of a button. The new version also features improved editing of task, project and category details with a completely redesigned graphical date chooser.

Firetask for Mac 1.1October 23, 2010

Besides some problem fixes and usability enhancements, Firetask 1.1 also adds new features such as printing of task lists and localizations for Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese and Russian.

Firetask for Mac 1.0August 30, 2010

Firetask for the Mac is now finally available and brings the unique project-oriented GTD® task management approach of Firetask onto the desktop. Syncing with the mobile version requires iOS 4 and Firetask for the iPhone or iPod touch version 3.1 or higher.

Firetask Release 3.1August 16, 2010

Firetask 3.1 allows syncing your tasks and projects with the public preview version of our new desktop application Firetask for the Mac. The syncing button is located in the top-right corner on the “More” tab. In order to sync your iPhone with your Mac, the desktop version needs to run and Firetask must be able to connect to the Mac over a local WiFi network.

Firetask Release 3.0July 16, 2010

Firetask 3.0 features a major redesign of our task list user interface: we dropped the combined priority/status indicators to the right for a separate 3-step status control to the left (actionable, in-progress, completed - compatible to the upcoming desktop version). This should provide you with more space for your tasks and a clearer overall user experience. Unlike the “old” priority/status indicator, the new status control is also active for special task lists such as, e.g., the In-Tray.

We also added full support for iOS4 including fast app switching and a complete set of double-resolution images for the iPhone 4 retina display. Regarding new features, Firetask now provides the ability to flag tasks which allows you to show additional, selected tasks on the Today screen.

Firetask Release 2.1March 23, 2010

Firetask 2.1 builds on the improvements introduced in version 2.0:

  • Redesigned priority icons with improved visibility
  • Changed order of next tasks in “Today” to defined order of projects

Firetask Release 2.0March 12, 2010

Firetask 2.0 is our first major update and features a number of practical improvements:

  • Simplified view for adding in-basket items
  • Much faster editing of tasks (no more separate “Edit” mode)
  • Even more clear “Projects” and “Categories” views
  • Deferred fading out of completed tasks when inline-completing one or more tasks
  • Redesigned, more beautiful priority icons
  • URL-scheme for adding new tasks
  • Integration with Notebooks (add new tasks directly from Notebooks)


Firetask Release 1.8October 29, 2009

Firetask 1.8 provides three brand-new features:

  • The Today tab badge now shows the number of due and overdue tasks
  • The In-Basket tab badge shows the number of items currently in the in-basket
  • The new “Convert” button that is shown when a task is edited allows to convert a task to a project

Firetask Release 1.7August 20, 2009

Firetask 1.7 features a brand new “All” button in the Today view allowing you to view all open tasks in a single place (due and next). In addition, we have fixed some small user interface inconsistencies which should improve your overall user experience.

Firetask Release 1.6June 27, 2009

Firetask 1.6 fixes an unfortunate iPhone OS 3.0 compatibility issue related to creating new tasks, projects and categories. We are sorry for any inconveniences this may have caused.

Firetask Release 1.5April 7, 2009

Firetask 1.5 is our most important update this far, because it includes three major improvements that were the three most requested features by our users:

  • Repeating tasks
  • Improved visualization of the number of due and next tasks for “Categories”
  • Swipe-delete for tasks in all task lists

Beside that we further improved the user interface of Firetask by showing today’s date for the “Due Today” section and by making the “Due 5 Days” section configurable (from “Due Tomorrow” to “Due 7 Days”). In addition, we renamed the “Inbox” to “In-Basket” in order to comply more to common GTD® naming.

Firetask Release 1.3Feb 27, 2009

Firetask 1.3 provides the following new features and improvements:

  • Project categories are visualized using different project category icons
  • Tasks of not started, cancelled and completed projects do no longer appear on the “Today” view
  • Task and project names are now shown using multiple lines if necessary in the task and project detail views

We also fixed a minor rendering problem that appeared on some devices in the “Add Project” and “Add Task” views. Thanks to everyone who reported this problem!

Firetask Release 1.2Feb 19, 2009

The new release provides a number of small, but very practical improvements including:

  • The projects view shows different priority/status icons for not started and active projects
  • The notes fields for task and project details can now view multi-line text

All improvements we implemented are based on the great feedback we got from our users.

Firetask Release 1.1Feb 4, 2009

Firetask 1.1 features the following improvements and bug fixes:

  • Allows for fast switching between statuses “Actionable”, “In Progress” and “Completed” by tapping the accessory view in the “Today” screen as well as category and project task lists
  • Shows the weekday beside the project name for tasks due between tomorrow and the next 5 days
  • Fixes an important category delete problem which could lead to inconsistencies in certain cases

We recommend this update to all users of Firetask as it improves both the stability and the usability of the tool.